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Dr.-Ing. Klaus Jorde Civil Engineer
Hydropower & Environment


Hydropower All aspects for hydropower development, mostly hydrological, hydraulic and civil components from plants as small as 1 kW up to more than 1000 MW.  
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River ecosystems Determination of environmetal flows for diversion type hydropower plants,  flow regimes downstream of large reservoirs, flow regimes caused by hydropeaking, using hydrodynamic and aquatic habitat modeling
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Training and Capacity Building Training and capacity building has been a major part in most of the projects in developing countries financed by donor organisations.
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Hydropower and Environment

Combining technical expertise with ecological understanding

Klaus Jorde has two distinct areas of expertise. The first one is hydropower schemes of all types and dimensions, including storage and pumped storage schemes, mostly from the hydrologic and civil engineering point of view. The second area of expertise is based on his long carreer in science and academics and focuses on aquatic habitat modeling for environmental flow regimes.
Klaus Jorde