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Dr.-Ing. Klaus Jorde Civil Engineer
Hydropower & Environment


Dr. Klaus Jorde

Founder and owner of KJ Consult

Klaus Jorde is a civil engineer with 30 years experience in hydraulic engineering, hydraulic structures and water resources management. Following his formal education at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and the University of Calgary, Canada, with majors in soil mechanics and hydraulic engineering he has been working in more than 60 projects mostly related to multipurpose dam operation and construction, hydropower development and water resources management, in more than 30 different countries throughout the world. From 2001 to 2007 Jorde held a position as professor for hydraulic engineering at the University of Idaho in Boise, USA. After returning to Europe he served from 2008 to 2012 as the managing director of a worldwide acting consulting firm in Switzerland with a strong focus on small hydropower and dams, including irrigation and multipurpose projects, mostly in developing countries. He has been successfully leading and managing projects, many of them with interdisciplinary and multinational teams and in challenging environments such as hydropower and dam rehabilitation in Afghanistan, or irrigation and hydropower dam development in Nigeria. The scope of his expertise is ranging from general water resources management and conceptual designs to feasibility studies and detailed design levels. Jorde has authored and co-authored more than 50 publications, including peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters.    Klaus Jorde is also one of the founders of SJE Ecohydraulic Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. The company was founded in 2001 as a university spin-off. SJE is specialized in hydrodynamic numerical modeling and modeling of fish habitats and benthis habitats, the determination of environmental flows, numerical mideling and mitigation of hydropeaking impacts and regime changes downstream of large dams. KJ Consult closely collaborates with SJE.

Other team members

KJ Consult is operated by Klaus Jorde himself with some administrative support. Depending on the specific project and type of assignment Klaus relies on a well established interdisciplinary global network of outstanding experts in all relevant areas, such as mechanical and electrical engineers, experienced detailed designers, aquatic ecologists, sociocultural and socioeconomic experts, financial analysts etc.  Jointly we are prepared to tackle most challenges in hydropower engineering and environmental aspects in river ecosystems. 
Klaus Jorde
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