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Dr.-Ing. Klaus Jorde Civil Engineer
Hydropower & Environment



Preliminary assessments and site evaluations Conceptual design options Hydrological analysis including climate change effects hydraulic design of hydraulic structures, weirs, intakes, channels, penstocks, power house Power generation simulations with CASiMiR-hydropower Pefeasibility and bankable feasibility studies Preliminary design and concession design Detailed design (consortium partners) Construction supervision (consortium partners) Comissioning, training on operation and maintenance (consortium partners)

Aquatic Environment

Environmental flows for diversion type hydropower plants and downstream of reservoirs Analysis and mitigation of effects of intermittent hydropower operation (hydropeaking) Numerical hydrodynamic modeling Aquatic habitat modeling for fish, benthic species, floodplain vegetation with CASiMiR River restoration planing and design Full environmental and social impact assessment (consortium partners) Fish passage upstream and downstream, design of technical fishways

Training and Capacity Building

Short term trainings, seminars or workshops on specific aspects at the client‘s location Software training corses on aquatic habitat modeling with CASiMiR  Special trainings based on client‘s request in Klagenfurt, Austria, or Stuttgart, Germany Long term capacity building measures at client‘s site with various instructors University courses on ecohydraulics or hydropower, graduate and postgraduate levels


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Having worked in so many countries and so many different projects it is impossibole to list everything here. My experience in development collaboration is that it is essential to always include qualified local experts for as much as possible and maintain a working relationship with them as projects go into operation even beyond the duration of a specific project.
Klaus Jorde