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KJ Consult was founded in 2012 by Klaus Jorde. KJ Consult is a globally active consulting and

engineering firm for all aspects related to hydropower planing, design and operation.

A profound understanding of the hydrological, technical and financial aspects of hydropower

projects is the foundation of our consulting work. Klaus Jorde has been involved at various

stages in more than 50 hydropower projects worldwide. He has taught hydropower at the

University of Stuttgart, Germany, the University of Idaho, Boise, USA, and the Unesco Institute

for Hydrologic Education in Delft, The Netherlands. He also operates his own small hydropower

plant in Southern Germany. He is the author and coauthor of several books and book chapters

on hydropower (see seperate list of publications).

The second area of expertise are environmental aspects related to hydropower and reservoir

operation, particularly water diversions, abstractions and regime changes and their impact on

aquatic habitats for fish and benthic species. Klaus Jorde‘s dissertation was titled „Dynamic

instream flow regulations for diversion type hydropower plants“ and formed the beginning of

the development of CASiMiR (Computer Aided SImulation Model for Instream Flow Regulations),

a toolbox for modeling, simulating and visualizing aquatic habitats. 20 years later a lot of

scientific research and applied projects demonstrate a sound understanding and committment

about what can be done to reduce and mitigate impacts from hydropower operation to protect

our river ecosystems.

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Klaus Jorde

A dilemma ?

Hydropower construction and operation and the protection of aquatic ecosystems are sometimes causing a dilemma, describing a situation or conflict where no simple solution is existing. We are understanding both, hydropower and the need of aquatic ecosystems for water and sediments at the right time, quantity and quality. In our interdiciplinary teams we are applying state- of-the-art modeling and simulation tools to find the best possible compromises between optimizing hydropower generation and protecting the ecosystems.  
Hydropower and River System Ecology
update 10.03.2017